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This Startup Wants to Help Moms Feel Less Tired

This Startup Wants to Help Moms Feel Less Tired

Since modern mothers work the equivalent of 2.5 jobs, First Day set out to remake kids multivitamins.


The idea for First Day came out of frustration.

Alice Li was fed up with seeing mothers stressed and exhausted. With all the misinformation around kids vitamins, she realized that she wanted to make this one part of life easier for other women.

So in 2017, she created First Day with $40,000 of her own savings to start a kids vitamin brand that was based in actual science.

Customer photos

Customer photos

The concept was simple: to make a gummy vitamin for kids using organic, clean ingredients and the latest scientific research in nutrition, genetics, and longevity. (The name First Day is a reference to how every day is as important as the first day.)

To create a new kids multivitamin, First Day worked with advisors from Harvard and Yale to dig into over 30,000 modern studies on pediatric health and on ingredient quality.

Every gummy is made from vegetarian ingredients that are real food, such as organic fruits, without any artificial ingredients. The result was a delicious, nutritious gummy vitamin for kids that uses 85% less sugar.

Sugar Comparison.png

First Day’s secret? They put health first instead of using the cheapest ingredients out there. The idea, says the founder, is to use the latest medical science to make vitamins. The industry, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has lagged behind – the FDA’s standards for nutrition were set in 1968.

It appears that this approach has been successful. First Day’s kids multivitamin have won acclaim with experts.

Family Health & Style declared their kids vitamin to have the best ingredients they’ve seen in a vitamin.

Pediatric Wellness named their kids vitamin the “Best Vitamin for Healthy Kids” based on the extensive scientific research.

Mother & Child hailed their kids vitamin to be the best natural vitamin they’ve tried.

Parents have responded with enthusiasm as well, placing orders in droves for the kids multivitamin before it was released, with families waiting 4-5 months to receive their gummy vitamins. With so much demand, First Day has to limit the number of bottles that families can purchase.

Definitely a company worth keeping an eye on.

EDIT: The team at First Day are offering readers 15% off their first order. Use coupon code: DEFOLIO15.

What we love about First Day kids vitamins:

Evidence-based science – Careful attention to the research they use to formulate their gummy vitamins not seen in many vitamins today.

Ingredient quality – Made from organic fruit and vegetables. Less than 85% of the sugar of other kids vitamins. Organic and vegetarian ingredients.

Delicious taste – Tried by thousands of kids to ensure that even the pickiest of children will love the gummies.

Free Shipping & Guarantee – With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, parents can try First Day kids vitamins risk-free.


First Day offers excellent vitamins for kids. The science is top notch, the ingredients are organic, and the gummies are delicious. Thoughtful moms and healthy kids are certain to welcome this kids vitamin to their morning routines.

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